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About This Club :pencil:

As the name states, this club is all about the awesome boss with the awesome theme music: GALACTA KNIGHT!

How to Join :pencil:

That's simple. If you wanna become a member or a co-founder, just press the "Join Group" button, and choose what you want. :meow:

However, I am looking for at least 3 co-founders. So when I get 3 of those, I'm afraid that any other request for co-founder will be rejected. :noes:

I'm thinking maybe I should look for 5 Co-members. Because we are gonna need as much power as possible. (Don't abuse that power.)

Club Rules :pencil:

:bulletpink:Any requests for joining, please give one statement on why you love Galacta Knight!:meow:

:bulletpurple: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, submit any porn of Galacta Knight or him with anyone. We don't want any nosebleeds, people.

:bulletpink:Any art submitted to this club has to have Galacta Knight in them.

:bulletpurple:You can submit any type of picture of Galacta Knight (Yaoi, crack, meme, Etc.)

:pointr: Does my art only have to be Galacta Knight?

No, it can be Galacta Knight with Meta Knight, or anyone you think of. Though the picture HAS to have Galacta Knight in it. This club is all about him after all. :meow:

:pointr: You say we can have Yaoi of Galacta Knight, or with anyone. Isn't that porn?

First off, sorry if some of you don't like yaoi. I'm totally cool with that.

Second, Yaoi or any paring with Galacta Knight is not PORN! Porn is nudity, showing certain parts that shouldn't be shown. :noes: That stuff should be saved for Y!Gallery. :B

So, kissing, stalking, and all that jazz is okay. BUT NO NUDITY! D: Thank You.

:pointr: Why do we need to say why we like Galacta Knight when we join?

Because I wanna be sure. I'm not letting this club be something someone can add and say, 'OOOOH, Loook at how many Groups I'm in! I'm like, SOOOOO popular!'

Yeah, not gonna happen.

If you have any more questions you would liked answered, PM :iconyumistar: on her account, plz.

:resume:Members and Co-Founders


Simply put, members submit artwork to the club.

They can not edit the "Homepage" layout, only view.

They can not edit the "About Us" page, but only view.

They can not edit the "Gallery" page, only view and submit artwork.

They can not edit the "Favorites" page, only view and suggest a fav.

Members CAN NOT view the "Admin Area" of this group.



Co-Founders can not only submit artwork to the gallery, but they help maintain the club and the rules.

They can edit the "Homepage" layout.
(Though please :note:send a note:note: to the founder first.)

They can edit the "About Us" page.

They can edit the "Gallery", as well as add artwork.

They can edit the "Favorites" page, as well as suggest a fav.

They can add a "Blog" to the group, as well as edit other blogs.

They CAN view the "Admin Area" of the group.<i>


Galacta Knight by VictorCustomizer Galacta Knight :iconvictorcustomizer:VictorCustomizer 107 16 Galacta casserole by curamix666 Galacta casserole :iconcuramix666:curamix666 95 26 battle by galactacaballero battle :icongalactacaballero:galactacaballero 7 5 Mind over Matter by beanielova Mind over Matter :iconbeanielova:beanielova 103 35 Galacta knight lineart by WildStrikeTheMaximal Galacta knight lineart :iconwildstrikethemaximal:WildStrikeTheMaximal 7 13 hanging on the clothesline by TheAkanemnon hanging on the clothesline :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 32 24 angel of the night by TheAkanemnon angel of the night :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 30 8 Skirby and WK by eeveecupcakegirl Skirby and WK :iconeeveecupcakegirl:eeveecupcakegirl 4 4
Galacta story CHAPTER 3
Galacta's Story
"It's a beautiful name, isn't it?" asked my mother, with my horrid future in the back of her mind. "Very. It will strike fear into the hearts of all demon beasts." said father. My mother began to silently weep. My father closed his eyes and put a hand on mothers shoulder. He cursed under his breath. He cursed my fate and what was to become of me. He sighed. Father then turned to medic and stared at him with his icy eyes. "How long will Amber have to rest?" The medic pondered for a moment. "Well...hmm, about a day or two. Her birth went smoothly, but just take it easy." After a thanks and a God bless, they took me to their tent. It was spacious and decoritive. In the corner there was a small bed with a mobile hung over it. It never amused me much that old mobile. What really interested me was the lance my mother weilded that she kept in the opposite corner.
:iconoctorok98:Octorok98 1 7
Galacta's story CHAPTER 2
Galacta's Story
Yes, he spoke the truth, I was damned from the start. For I was born with the acursingly evil black star. It was it the middle of my forehead and pulsed witha dark glow. My parents were devastated. "Well," My father began, "we will have to spend as much time as possible with her before the next blue moon." I shall explain why he said that. Horribly, every blue moon, that is the only time the black star's power is weakened. So, they take all the newborns born with the star and slaughter them. Sickening, isn't it? My mother tried to make herself feel better, and to not think about what was to become of her daughter. "Black star, or not, she needs a name." she said, with strong determination in her eyes. "Okay we need a beautiful and powerful name." My mother's face brightened. "We shall name her after the great hero of the past," she took a deep breath, " Galacta..."
:iconoctorok98:Octorok98 3 5
Galacta's story CHAPTER 1
Galacta's story
It all starts with love, or in this case, the love of Amber and Titan. Their love has brought me into this cruel, sickening world of which we all live in. Of course, I did not make this choice and I can honestly tell you, I'm glad I didn't get a say. And this story, explains why.
I was born in a tent at the GSA base. All I knew then, was nourishment meant survival and survival meant life. Life is what we all want at first. But that opinion can chage over time.
Anyways, the first thing that I can recall seeing is my mother's face, her warm, welcoming liquid gold eyes glued to me, her expression a mix of fatique, happiness and sorrow. And my father's face, his cold, never-ending but soft silver eyes in a trance, his expression blank. And the first words I heard-I didn't understand them then-were the medic's harsh, un-forgiving words. "Oh, Lord, she is damned. She has the unholy blood of NME himself." And I believed him.
:iconoctorok98:Octorok98 1 2
Kirby angel base by eeveecupcakegirl Kirby angel base :iconeeveecupcakegirl:eeveecupcakegirl 11 11 Nitori Collab by Chitugo Nitori Collab :iconchitugo:Chitugo 40 7



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Yes, it's me. YumiStar. I have been very busy in real life, so I 1st o not really get a lot of time to come on here. That ends up making art that is waiting for my approval get expired. However, if that happens, when I do get on, I will simply submit it myself. I will not ignore yourart, and I don't want to. Real life is simply getting in my way.
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Love Kirby?
Love guys in pink?
Think Galacta Knight deserves more love, even though he pretty much rapes you in KSSU?
Founded 7 Years ago
Mar 9, 2010


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Fan Club

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GalactaKirbyKnight Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Hi can I plz join? Galacta Knight is my fav charecter. Well I love Kirby as well. SSU was the first game I played and well I got to to final boss in MKU I love Galactas Look omg! 
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Wolfwrathknight Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thx 4 adding my art here o.o//
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Elizabeth-Senpai Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Hello! Thanks for letting me join! I'll be posting fan art! :3
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banami-luv Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for adding my art here!
If you would like you can keep on adding my stuff here~^^
I DO have a bunch of gijinka Galacta xDD
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LittleCloudie Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Student General Artist
May I join the group? Galacta Knight is one of my top favorite Kirby characters (nexxt to Meta Knight and Kirby himself) and I draw him all the time! I just started drawing him digitally, so perhaps I can join and submit some of my work please?
No love for Wham Bam Jewel!? :stare:
kirbyxgalactaknight Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Sees Galacta Knight for the first time, falls in love with him*
*Sees that Galacta Knight doesn't get much attention in video games, grabs a pencil and starts drawing him*
I want somewhere to post my drawings of Galacta Knight, so that brings me to the question, may I be a member of this group?
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Whisperspirit Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Galacta icon by Whisperspirit
syani123 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Hello fellow fans of this fandom. Please allow me to announce that I have made a contest. If someone is interested. Do not doubt on comment or note me… Here is the journal. Thanks for your attention
Whisperspirit Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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